Who We Are

We are one of the companies that deal with leading internet and dropship wholesale solutional activities in Europe

Daniel Bakos

Managing director

Zoltán Pálóczi

Head of office

Tamás Kocsenda

Logistics manager

András Árendás

Product Manager

What We Do

Store and Online service, Distributing, Develop. And we do both well


Shop or webstore-service? Even both at the same time. Thanks to our 5 year-old professional experience we can manage even shops' entire storages, even we can serve webshops' orders entirely and professionally. By 2013 these services are used by many of our partners parallel to, we take these difficulties from them and do this job to them.


Import solutions

In our main profile you can find the Far-East Import, you can recourse it with several solutions: air-cargo, ground freight and road transport. Minimal amounts of transported goods? We don't have. Sample-product? Without it we don't do import-solutions, in first round we always examine with our partner what we would like to import. And it how? In China, with personal presence!



Amongst our export solutions primarily we offer export inside the territory of European Union and small-parcel distribution for the last few years. We launched the EU-USA project in 2014, with it we can cover China-USA direct transport, too.



We mainly deal with IT safety advice and improvement, besides this we do the development of small businesseses also. It can be totally new, a system which has ISO-certification, or existing, cms or cmr system also.


Product planning

Product-planning from the beginning. We work with almost 100 companies recently, from creating visualization, large-scale production, testing products to after-sales analysis.


How We Do It






Import / Export




We've Worked With

We work in multiple partner for a diverse range of clients


Displaying a list of events, milestones, or even a simple news/blog in chronological order.

  • Feb 16, 2015

    Open businesses in Germany

  • Jan 28, 2015

    Open businesses in Austria

  • Oct 04, 2014

    Open businesses in Poland

  • Jul 16, 2014

    Open businesses in Czech Republic

  • Jun 01, 2014

    Open businesses in Romania

  • Jan 24, 2014

    Open businesses in USA

  • Oct 03, 2013

    Open businesses in Slovakia

  • Aug 21, 2010

    Open businesses in China

  • Jan 20, 2009

    Open businesses in Hungary


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Plemax Group S.R.O.
Nám. sv. Imricha 923/21
94301 Sturovo
Czech Republic
Pobřežní 249/46
18600 Praha 8 - Karlín


SAD Logisztikai és Online Média Ltd.


1064 Budapest, Podmaniczky street 57. 2/14
2030 Érd, Diósdi street 35
2030 Érd, András street 20
3043 Egyházasdengeleg, Sport street 1


Nám. sv. Imricha 923/21
94301 Sturovo

Czech Republic

Pobřežní 249/46
18600 Praha 8 - Karlín

United States

Florida, 1451 W. Cypress Creek Road
Suite 300
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Company phone numbers:

36 1 255 0222 - HU
36 23 630 556 - HU
421-2-33331039 - SK
48-22-2116710 - PL
+001 954 376 8647 - USA

VAT: HU25130128 or 25130128-2-42
REG: 01-09-201531
KH: HU44 1040 3136 5052 6782 7070 1006
BANK: 12020304-01494291-00100001
HU39 1202 0304 0149 4291 0010 0001
BANK KH: 10403136-50526782-70701006
MKEH Number: PR7640 VPID/EORI: HU0030778021
Statistical number: 25130128521011301

P: (00 36 1) 255-0222